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How has COVID-19 impacted eCommerce?

Access weekly data that will help you find out what happened with eCommerce apps and sites during the pandemia.

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    • Discover online sales in general and specialist retailers.
    • Get data from all sectors, brands and product categories.
    • Constant measuring of the evolution of the main KPIs for eCommerce.

All this from a high-quality panel, representative of the online population. Understand the online shopper like never before.

Data available with Netrica.

checkbox-netrica-02Ecommerce penetration by product category
checkbox-netrica-02Market share by brands, manufacturers and online retailers in each category

checkbox-netrica-02Prices by product category, brand and retailer

checkbox-netrica-02Web channels and app visits

checkbox-netrica-02Conversion funnel from traffic to sales

checkbox-netrica-023P sales analysis by categories on Amazon Marketplace
checkbox-netrica-02User loyalty to the different retailers
Datos disponibles con Netrica


Netrica by Netquest

Netrica is a proprietary tool from Netquest, an online data collector and provider, certified with ISO 26362 standard for online access panels. The data Netquest provides is not only collected following the strictest privacy standards but also engaged in an ethical investigation.

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Data of real people associated with individual panelists profile that can be consulted for more information at any point.

User-centric data, based on the online behavior of individual users.

Data collected in real-time thanks to our passive measurement technology.

Datos reales, user-centric, a tiempo real, multi-dispositivo

Multi-device data: We can track access to the same user from different devices (desktop, laptop, mobile).

Data based on a sample of users selected to be a true reflection of the online population. For this, criteria of sex, age, geographical area, socioeconomic level and connection devices by country, among others, have been followed.

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