Easily discover key data to compete better!

Netrica offers data on the most important indicators for an ecommerce site


  • What are our competition’s sales figures?
  • How have our competition’s sales grown in the latest period?
  • How many online sales come from desktop devices and how many come from mobile devices?
  • Are sales from the desktop channel and the mobile channel growing at the same pace?
  • What are the reasons for sales growth at a site? Is it due to variations in average basket prices or changes in the volume of orders?

Products and prices

  • Does the growth of the average basket price at a site have to do with the number of products listed there, or with the average price of the products listed?
  • Is our competition selling more products per order than we are
  • Is our competition selling more valuable products than we are?
  • What are the sales figures for multi-product sites with respect to our category of products?
  • What is the market distribution of a category of products between vertical specialist sites and more general sites?

Conversion rates

  • Are increases in a competitor’s volume of orders due more to an increase in visits, or an improvement in the conversion rates?
  • In which stages of the sales funnel has our competition experienced improvements?


  • Is there any difference between the frequencies of access via desktop and mobile web?
  • What does the traffic to our competition’s online sales apps look like?
  • How many of our customers are also customers of our competition
  • Is our site becoming more exclusive or more general?
  • What is the overlap between our competition’s web traffic, mobile traffic and app traffic?
  • Are there competitors that are more “multi-channel” than we are
  • Are increases in visits to a site due to a greater recurrence of current customers, or are there new customers who access the site?

Sources of traffic

  • What are the sources of traffic for a website?
  • How much of the traffic is organic, and how much of it is paid for?
  • Into which channels has a website invested in a specific period?
  • Have these channels contributed significantly to sales?
  • What is the attribution of sales for each traffic source channel?

Visitors’ profiles

  • What is the profile of visitors to a website?
  • How has this changed over time?
  • What is the quality of the traffic to our site compared with that of our competition?
  • Have the campaigns that we have run resulted in traffic of higher or lesser quality?

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