Netrica is an online subscription service for competitive ecommerce data

What are the sales figures for our competition?

How many online sales come from desktop devices and how many from mobile devices?

What are the sales figures from multi-product sites with regard to our category of products?


Is our competition selling more products per order than we are?

Are increases in orders coming from an increase in visits or improved conversion rates?

What is the overlap between our competition's web traffic, mobile traffic and app traffic?

Netrica en el Mundo
Netrica will provide ecommerce data from around the world

Multi-device data for single user

Netrica tracks multiple devices from a single internet user: desktops, laptops, tablets, phablets, smartphones, etc.


Web and Apps

Netrica tracks both users’ web browsing activity (through PC browsers and mobile handsets) and their app access activity through mobile devices.


Price lists and product categories

Netrica has price lists and categories of products sold for both multi-category ecommerce sites and for specialized ecommerce sites.

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